HFC-236fa Specification

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Fire Extinguishing Agent WAYSMOS
HFC-236fa Specification
Chemical Name: 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoropropane
Item Shanghai Waysmos NFPA 2001
Appearance Colorless liquefied gas Colorless liquefied gas
Assay by GC 99.5%(min) 99.0%(min)
Moisture 10 ppm(max) 10 ppm(max)
Acidity as HF 3ppm(max) 3 ppm(max)
Non-volatile Residue 0.01g/100ml(max) 0.05g/100ml(max)
Clean and insulative
Good efficient and no residue
No depleting ozone layer in atmosphere
Safe for people
An optimal substitute for Halon 1211
Empirical Formula CF3-CH2-CF3
CAS Number 690-39-1
Molecular Weight 152.04
Boiling Point -1.4°C
Freezing Point -103°C
Vapor Pressure(25°C) 272KPa
Liquid Density(25°C) 1.36Kg/L
Critical Temperature 124.9°C
Critical Pressure 3200KPa
Critical Density 555Kg/m3
Extinguish Concentration ( Cup) 6.3%
NOAEL (V/V) 10%
LOAEL (V/V) 15%
LC50 or ALC (V/V) >18.9%
Ozone Depleting Potential 0
Atmospheric Lifetime 209 years
Gas Filling Curve
Isometric diagram of HFC-236fa pressurized with nitrogen to 24.82 bar, gauge at 22°C.
HFC-236fa is an advanced, zero ozone-depletion replacement for Halon 1211 in streaming applications. Example of the applications include computer rooms, libraries, museums, laboratories, data processing centers, industrial process control rooms, chemical storage rooms and so on.