Manufacturer of Highest Quality,
Fire Extinguishing Clean Agents 

Manufacturer of Highest Quality, Fire Extinguishing Clean Agents

Waysmos has been manufacturing HFC-227ea since 1995, we received UL certification in 2003 and got our FM approval in 2011. As of 2017 we became and have kept the distinction as the largest clean agent manufacturer in the world by both volume and sales. We attribute this to our focus on product quality and testing, supply chain, and our loyalty to our long term customers. 

We show this loyalty and supply chain stability by being able to maintain consistent pricing even during periods of volatility in the market to our long term customers. We also have strategically positioned ourselves in a market segment we created which is – Brand Name Generic, this position puts us right underneath the premium brands of 3m and Chemours but well above the basic generics and other Chinese producers. To do this, we manufacture to the same quality or even greater purity than 3m and Chemours, we get the same approvals and provide the same guarantees, but we spend tiny fractions of the amounts they do on marketing and so along with our lean structure we can beat them on pricing time and again by significant amounts. 

For anyone who recognizes that a brand name does not provide any functional benefit in the product when compared to our products and wants to save money while building a relationship with a company fully focused on fire suppression chemicals, they look to Waysmos and stay with Waysmos.